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Is Is There a Best Time of Year to Junk Your Car?

Did you know that 98% of all structural steel used in U.S. buildings undergo recycling at the end of their life? Moreover, the new structural steel produced in the country boasts 93% recycled steel. After all, this metal is inherently recyclable and doesn’t lose any physical properties.

That’s also why automobiles, which contain about 65% of steel and iron, are recyclable.

That’s enough reason to junk your car just lying around and taking up space at home. For instance, you can sell it to a junk car buyer who will, in turn, recycle your beater. Best of all, you get cash for your old, even unusable vehicle.

However, when should you sell your junk car? Is there such a thing as the best time of the year to do so?

There are several answers to those questions, but never fear, we will go over some of them below.

As Soon as Possible

In the Sunshine State, a dismantled, nonoperating, or wrecked vehicle classifies as junk. Keeping such a car, even on private property, can sometimes be illegal in many cities in Florida.

For example, in Ocoee, FL, it’s unlawful to store a nonoperating vehicle in an open area on private property. If kept in the same spot for more than 15 calendar days, the law already considers it abandoned. However, it’s legal to park such a vehicle in an enclosed garage, out of public sight.

Also, note that in Florida, “nonoperating” applies to cars with at least one flat or missing tire. The law regards it as inoperable if it can’t propel itself on a roadway.

So, if you don’t have an enclosed garage to keep your nonoperating car in, it is probably best to junk it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself in violation of local ordinances. That can result in penalties, including the removal and destruction of the vehicle.

If that happens, you won’t get any cash for your junk car. Worse, you may even pay fines. Thus, you should start the junk car process ASAP before it gets to the point where you’d have nothing to sell.

During Spring

Spring is an excellent time to junk a vehicle since the demand for car parts often rises during this season. This higher demand has to do with income tax refunds, the typical average of which is in the thousands. For instance, in 2022, the average return amounted to $3,039.

Hence, car owners are more likely to purchase auto parts during spring as they have money to spare. In addition, many of them opt to fix their rides in spring to prepare for the summer holidays. That can then cause an increase in the demand for vehicle components.

As a result, car part sellers also must boost their stocks to satisfy the increased demand. For that reason, you’re likely to get a good chunk of money out of your junk car if you sell it in spring.

Before or After the Severe Storm Period

In West Central and Southwest Florida, severe storms are most likely to occur from late May to June. Heavy rainfall and damaging winds are prevalent during this period. Such inclement weather can lead to debris-filled or impassable, flooded roads.

All those weather-related conditions can disrupt business operations. Moreover, they often result in an increased cost of doing business.

For example, oil rigs and fuel refineries require temporary evacuation during storms. That reduces production and supply, causing a spike in the refined products’ prices. That also affects automotive recycling centers, as towing becomes more expensive.

That’s why it might be best to junk your car before or after the severe stormy period. Do that, and you could get a better value for your vehicle.

One more thing related to floods. You can sell a flood-damaged vehicle to a junk car buyer. That’s because they purchase all cars, regardless of the condition, year, make, or model. So, keep that in mind if you ever experience flood damage to your vehicle.

In the Summer

Summer is another good time to get the best value for a junk car when the demand for scrap metals often increases. That increased demand has to do with the peak construction season. After all, this season has ideal weather conditions for building activities.

Another good reason to junk a car during summer is to avoid animal invasion.

Remember, Florida is home to animals that go dormant in the winter, such as bats, mice, snakes, and squirrels. Before entering dormancy, though, they first find shelter and stock up on food. They often start preparing for winter as early as the fall season.

If you’re unlucky, your junk car can become that haven for such creatures. It’s even worse if one of Florida’s six venomous snakes makes its way into your old vehicle.

There’s also the possibility of the creatures moving from your vehicle into your home. If that happens, you’re looking at an even more severe problem of pest infestations. Many pests, such as mice and rats, destroy property and cause diseases.

To reduce your likelihood of experiencing these issues, get rid of your junk car in the summer.

Besides, if you wait until the chilly, snowy season, you may get less for your vehicle. That’s again because oil and fuel are typically more expensive in winter.

Also, don’t forget that most people use their budget for the winter holidays. That can then make them less likely to buy automotive parts for their vehicles. As a result, the demand for car parts decreases, and so do their prices.

Time to Junk Your Car

There actually are better times than others to sell your junk car, but that doesn’t mean you should only sell during those periods. If you have a junk car sitting in your garage, yard, or side of the road, we are here to help!

Contact us today and tell us more about your vehicle. We’ll even give you a free quote on how much you can get from it.