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Cash for Junk Cars FAQs 

The value of each car is based on the, make, year, and model. The more information you give, such as mileage, and if there is any damage to the vehicle help us come up with the best price possible.

We are open Monday – Saturday 7:30AM to 9:00PM.

This is, of course, the most important detail, so it’s good to know that it’s so simple.

When we arrive, we’ll ensure everything corresponds with the information you gave us beforehand. If everything is in order, then you get handed cold hard cash there and then on the spot. There’s no waiting for a check or payments to clear. Nor do you have to deal with complicated paperwork to get your money. We show up, give you the cash and take your junk car or truck away! If you prefer to be paid by check or money transfer, we can arrange that too.

You can do both. We will need to get a general idea about the car you’re wanting to sell. We’ll need the year, make, and model of the vehicle and whether the vehicle has all of the major components. Since we recycle the vehicle, the important components are the engine, transmission, original exhaust system, battery, and all four rim and tires.

We buy cars in any condition. It can be crashed, broken down, bad motor, bad transmission, old junkers or an unwanted junk cars – we’ll buy it! We can buy junk cars with or without a title. 

Even if your vehicle has no title, we can still come and take care of it for you. All of the necessary paperwork will be dealt with by us when you decide to sell us your junk car.

Some junk car companies will charge you to have the vehicle towed or will dock the money from what you get for selling it. Not All Car Buys! We guarantee that every junk car is towed away from your property for free.

That means no hassle or stress for you to get your junk cars removed from your property. All you need to do is get in touch, and we’ll do all the hard work at no cost to you. There is no easier way to do away with your unwanted vehicles.