Does Frame Damage Mean My Car is Totaled

01 Nov: Does Frame Damage Mean My Car is Totaled?

In the United States, over 6.4 million auto accidents occur yearly. That’s one crash every five seconds! Together, they cost the U.S. an estimated $230 billion annually.

In Florida alone, over 400,000 motor vehicle crashes occurred in 2021. If you’ve been in a car crash in Florida, your ride may have suffered from frame damage. Depending on how severe the collision was, your vehicle might now be declared as a total loss and become junked.

What exactly is frame damage, and how can it render a vehicle totaled? What does a totaled car even mean?

Are Vehicle Junkyards Safe for the Environment

25 Oct: Are Vehicle Junkyards Safe for the Environment?

Did you know that iron and steel comprise about two-thirds of automobile components? Even more impressive is that these two metals are endlessly recyclable. So, it’s no wonder 90% of these components in end-of-life vehicles can be reused.

Vehicle junkyards, in turn, play a massive role in the auto recycling process. Without them, more junk cars and auto parts can end up in landfills.

So, what exactly are vehicle junkyards, and what do they do? Are they safe for the environment, and if so, what are their benefits?

What is Leaking Top Fluid Leaks in Old Cars and What to Do About Them

18 Oct: What is Leaking? Top Fluid Leaks in Old Cars and What to Do About Them

Old cars come with unique benefits, like not having to pay a car payment for example. They also require a bit more maintenance and know-how than you would need if you were purchasing a new car.

Their parts wear out faster, and you need to understand how to care for them when a problem presents itself. So, what do you do when you see a puddle of fluid creeping out from under your car? Can you still drive your car, or do you need to call in a tow truck and junk your car?

We have created this guide for you to understand how to diagnose an automobile fluid leak and what to do when you find one under your vehicle.

Why Proper Battery Disposal is so Important

11 Oct: Why Proper Battery Disposal is So Important

Improper disposal of automotive batteries can wreak havoc on our landfills. For instance, lead-acid batteries can contain about a gallon of corrosive acid and up to 18 pounds of lead.

Putting the wrong type of battery into the trash means you’re sending hazardous waste into our landfills. Much like when you are junking a car, poor or illegal waste management results in contamination of our soil and groundwater and can cause a variety of health problems.

Here’s what you need to know about proper battery disposal, including where to take your batteries and why it’s vital to do so.

Is an Engine Rebuild Worth It

02 Sep: Is an Engine Rebuild Worth It?

The older your car gets, the more likely it is to start having minor engine issues, but an engine rebuild could extend your car’s lifespan for many years to come, saving you from having to junk your vehicle. If you’re curious about whether an engine rebuild could save your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Our guide details the engine rebuild process including costs and limitations.

Are There Hazards to Keeping a Junk Car at Your Home

25 Aug: Are There Hazards to Keeping a Junk Car at Your Home?

If you have a car that won’t turn on, is always broken, and is worth less than the cost to repair it, you may have a junk car. A junk car in your yard looks unsightly and can also be hazardous to your health and the environment. Here, we cover why you should think twice before keeping a junk car on your property and how you can get rid of it for good.

The Best Ways to Fix Minor Dents in Your Car

28 Jul: The Best Ways to Fix Minor Dents in Your Car

You accidentally hit a pole while parallel parking and now have a small dent in your car. What can you do to fix it without spending too much money, or just junking it all together? Well, don’t worry. There are a few ways to fix minor dents in your car, but the best way will depend on the size and location of the dent. Below are some tips on how to repair dents yourself.

Junking an Old Car Comes With Amazing Benefits

08 Jul: Junking an Old Car Comes With Amazing Benefits

Approximately 13 million vehicles in America are sold to junkyards every year. If you plan on junking an old car, deal with the best junk car buyers. Look into their reputation, availability, and mode of payment. Choose to work with buyers who will pay you on the spot. Here are some benefits of junking an old car.