Things Most People Don’t Know When Starting the Junk Car Process for the First Time

Are you looking to sell your junk car? Perhaps you want to free up space in your garage and use it for other productive purposes, or maybe you intend to make quick bucks from it.

If so, learn crucial things to do before selling a junk car.

Selling junk cars reduces land waste and prevents pollution. It gives you a chance to free up the tied capital and invest it into other lucrative opportunities. Additionally, it minimizes costs, as you won’t have to pay for insurance coverage and frequent repairs.

However, selling an old vehicle can be daunting and time-intensive. It becomes even more complicated if you don’t have the know-how to do it. However, you can lessen the task by getting informed about the process beforehand.

To get you started, here are things that people don’t know when starting the junk car process.

Taking Out Personal Belongings

Many people view their cars as their second homes. They spend much of their time in them when going to work, shopping, on vacations, and road trips. This increases the likelihood of moving and leaving personal stuff in the vehicle.

Some of the items you might leave in your car include:

  • Important documents
  • Pieces of jewelry
  • Your jackets and those of your family
  • Favorite pen
  • Bags and many more

With time, the items accumulate, and you might forget where you kept them.

Hence, it’s crucial to do a thorough cleanup and remove all your items from your car before junking them. Take time to comb through the storage compartments and get deep into each crevice to grab your items. Keep in mind that you might never get your belongings again once your car is sold.

Some of the places you should check when removing your things include:

  • Trunk
  • Under the seats and floor mats
  • Overhead, center, and rear-seat consoles
  • Door pockets and glove compartment
  • Sun visors and bins

If you come across stuff you don’t need, don’t leave them in the car. They might cause problems when making your transaction. Your belongings might fall into the wrong hands and be used for illicit businesses.

Removing Valuable Parts

When junking your car, you want to maximize profits. So, remove your car’s parts that can fetch you extra dollars and sell them separately.

However, removing the parts is unacceptable if you have already agreed to a price with the buyer. They’ll want you to deliver the car in the condition it was in when agreeing to the price. So, it’s important to determine your car’s value before selling it.

Some of the parts you can take off include:

  • Entertainment systems
  • Navigation units that didn’t come with the car
  • Custom aesthetic pieces on your wheels (rims or hubcaps)
  • Custom lighting in the interior or exterior of your vehicle

If your wheels are still in good shape, take them off and replace them with the balding ones. Buyers might reject your car if it’s not in a towable state.

Getting Paperwork in Order

Getting your title in order is crucial when junking your vehicle. It proves that you’re the actual owner of the car you’re selling. Also, it eases the task of transferring ownership to the buyer.

Selling your junk car without a valid title can be challenging. Many junkyards might think that you’ve stolen the vehicle and reject it.

Also, failing to transfer the title of ownership to the buyer means you’re still the car’s legal owner. So, if anything happens to it while at the salvage yard, you’ll incur the liabilities. While it is not legally necessary to have your title to sell your car, having your car title ready when selling your old vehicle makes the whole operation easier.

Removing License Plates and Canceling Insurance

Do you know that license plates remain useful even after the car is out of service? You should remove them before transferring the car’s ownership.

Furthermore, it’s a legal requirement in many states, including Florida. Once you apply for cancellation of your car title, your local DMV will ask for the plates.

After removing your license plates, make sure to cancel your car’s insurance. Confirm the date when the buyer will haul away the car, then call your insurance provider. Make them understand you’re junking your car and intend to cancel the insurance after selling.

They’ll cover your vehicle until it reaches the buyer’s destination. If you had paid for the insurance beyond the selling date, the insurer would refund the overpayment.

These Are Things People Don’t Know When Selling a Junk Car

Junking a car can be exciting but not a cinch. There are many things you should do beforehand to streamline the process. Above are things you should do before selling your junk car.

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