What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

Are you having car problems?

No one wants to go out to their car to go somewhere only to find that it won’t start. This can be a very frustrating and overwhelming issue.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to try to get your car started on your own, and if you have no luck with them, there are options after that, too.

If you’re wondering what to do when your car won’t start, we have you some tips on how to approach this problem so you can get back on the road sooner rather than later.

Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

There are a number of different reasons why your car won’t start. Some are easily fixable, others are not. Sometimes you’ll be able to start your car again after a few small adjustments or home repairs. Sometimes you’ll need to have it towed and you’ll have to pay for repairs by a mechanic. Other times you might find that it’s best to call in a junk car removal company to take it away so you can buy a new car and start over from scratch.

If you’re hoping to get your car started, the following issues might be keeping you from success. Some are simple, repairable problems, but some are much more complicated and could be quite expensive to fix.

Dead Battery

A dead car battery is a hassle, but it’s an easy repair. In many cases, you can have someone come over with their own working vehicle and they can jump-start your car for you. Sometimes you will need to replace the battery altogether, but this too is a relatively affordable and simple solution.

Broken Starter

If your car clicks but won’t start, your issue might be your battery, or it could be that you have a broken starter. To get a starter repaired, you’ll need to have your car towed to a mechanic. Like a dead battery, this isn’t a major issue, and it’s a pretty easy fix, but it will cost you a bit more than a new battery will.

Fuel Filter Problems

Another reason your car won’t start might be a fuel filter issue. When your fuel filter gets very dirty, it will block fuel from reaching the engine. You need to get your fuel filter changed. Once you do, your car problems will be in the past, but if you want your car to last you for many years to come, you should stay on top of oil and filter changes moving forward.

Damaged Engine

Perhaps the worst-case scenario when your car won’t start is a damaged engine. There are a number of reasons why your engine may become damaged. Forgetting to change the oil is a major one. Driving with broken spark plugs or timing belts can also cause immense engine damage. When your engine is damaged, you are in trouble, so hopefully, that is not the case. A mechanic will be able to tell you more.

What to Do Next

If your car won’t start and you can’t seem to get it back up and running on your own, you should either call a roadside assistance provider to come to check it out at your home or you should have it towed to a mechanic so they can take a look at it and assess the problem. 

Even if you think you know what’s wrong with your car, there is a chance that you will be wrong. It’s worth the time, money, and effort that you will spend to at least get it looked at. The issue could be much smaller than you thought, and the repair might be simple and affordable.

Repairing a damaged engine can be very expensive. In many cases, the engine may need to be replaced altogether. You should have a mechanic look at it, but if they tell you that you need an engine replacement, the next question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether it’s time to junk your car altogether.  

If the repairs are more expensive than the car itself is worth, it’s probably time to call a junk car removal service to help you out. 

What You Should Know About Junk Car Removal

If you do determine that your car won’t start for an expensive reason and that it’s time to junk your car, you will be excited to learn that many places buy junk cars and will even give you cash for junk cars. The reason that these types of businesses exist is that they take old cars and sell them for scrap and for parts. 

When it comes to companies like All Car Buys, we will come to you and tow your car away at no extra charge. You’ll save time and energy because you won’t need to seek a buyer, you won’t need to negotiate a good price, and you won’t have to worry any longer about a junk car sitting in your driveway, reminding you again and again that it does not work.

With the money a junk car removal service will pay you, you can go out and start looking at new cars. You can use the money as a down payment for your next vehicle, and you can get yourself back on the road sooner rather than later.

If your engine is damaged, chances are that you will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars repairing a car that might not be worth repairing. The bottom line is, few buyers are going to be willing to buy a car from you that won’t start, but a junk car removal service will be happy to give you what your car is worth so you can move on with your life. 

Is It Time for a New Car?

If your car won’t start and you find that the damage is immense and that repairs are out of your budget, then it might be time for a new car. Even if it might be out of your price range at the moment, sometimes a new car is your best option. Pouring money into a car that is falling apart or damaged is a losing battle. A new-to-you car is a much wiser choice in most cases.

If you decide that you need to junk your car and want to have it towed away by a junk car removal service near the Orlando/Lakeland area, give us a call. We would love to help you out and take your car away for you so you can start fresh. Put your car problems behind you once and for all.