What is a Totaled Car? Signs You Should Take Your Car Off the Road

Car collisions are an unfortunate part of American society. Nearly 6.8 million car accidents occurred in 2019, with more than 36,000 people dying from their injuries. Though fatality rates are going down, car accident rates are going up. 

One reason why is totaled vehicles. Many people try to repair totaled cars and take them on the road, only to get into an accident. If you want to be a safe and attentive driver, you need to understand a lot about totaled cars. 

What is a totaled car? What are some repairs you can make? What are the signs that you should junk your car instead of trying to repair it? 

Answer these questions and you can do your part to stay safe on the roads for years to come. Let’s look at the some of the top signs you should consider taking your car off the road.

You Cannot Drive Your Car Safely

A totaled car is a car you cannot drive safely. The transmission might be damaged so you cannot deliver power to the wheels, or fluid might be leaking from multiple parts of your car.

You might be able to transport it to a repair shop where you can get it fixed, but you should test out your vehicle once the repair crew finishes their work. If you cannot see the road properly or if you have problems pressing the brakes, you should not drive your car. 

A Collision Has Destroyed Your Frame

Most car insurance companies focus on the frames of vehicles. The frame of your car should support the engine and body, and it should endure strain. Look for a few signs that your frame has significant damage.

Take a look underneath your car. Some frame rails have manufactured bends, which can help distribute the car’s weight and provide insulation from bumps in the road. If one side has a bend and the other does not, you have damage that needs repair.

Compare how your frame looks now to how it used to look. Your wheels may not be aligned anymore, or your shocks and struts might be bent. You should not drive your car as long as it has a misalignment problem.

Even if everything checks out, you should take a look at your doors and windows. If your door won’t close properly, you may have frame damage that you cannot see. You should take your car to a repair center to see if it can be fixed. 

You might be able to fix most problems with your frame, especially cosmetic problems. However, car insurance companies may not give you compensation for repairs if the damage is significant or if your car is very old. You can then go to a junk car buyer with your car.

The Engine Has Stopped Functioning

You will run into engine problems at some point. Some of them are fixable while others indicate that your car has been totaled. 

If your engine won’t start, you may have a problem with your battery, not your engine. You should charge your battery and inspect your switches to see if power is going into your engine. You should also clean out your filters so fuel can pass through them without problems. 

Your “Service Engine Soon” light may switch on because you have worn-out spark plugs or your module may not be working. You might be able to run your engine for a little while but running it for too long can cause permanent damage. You should schedule a service appointment immediately. 

Your engine should never stall. If it keeps stalling, you should stop driving your car because you are at high risk for an auto collision. Chronic problems with your oil pump and pistons also increase your chances of an accident because they make your engine lose power.

Your Car Has Acquired Thousands of Miles

The average used car with 100,000 to 110,000 miles on it is worth more than $16,000. This sounds like a lot of money, yet vehicles with fewer miles are worth significantly more. 

Even if your car is new, your insurer may decline to help you because you have racked up a high number of miles. If your car has lost value, you should find someone who can junk cars to give you money.

Repairs Cost More Than a Replacement

If repairs to your car cost more than buying a new car, your car is totaled. You should sell your car and get a new one instead of trying to repair it. 

The older your car is and the more miles it has acquired, the higher the repair costs will be. Even a minor accident can total your very old vehicle. 

Your insurance company can give you money that matches the value of your car. You can then use this money to buy a replacement, though it may not cover the entire cost. Read a guide to determining the value of cars so you can figure out how much money you will get from your insurance company.

Is Your Car Totaled?

People have a lot of questions about totaled cars. Long story short, it’s a car that your insurer believes will be too expensive to repair. 

Maybe you are not able to drive the car safely due to significant problems. The engine may stop working, and the frame of your car may be damaged. However, your insurer may also decline repairs because your car is old or has a lot of miles on it.

However, you shouldn’t let your car sit and rust. All Car Buys purchases totaled cars in the Orlando area. Contact us today.