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Cash for Junk Cars
in Haines City


We offer the quickest and easiest way to sell your junk car in Haines City. If you accept our quote then we’ll set up a pickup time. We recycle the vehicles ourselves and will pay you the most money for your unwanted or junk car. We will meet or beat any existing offer! Follow these simple steps:



Let us help you in Haines City Florida

All Car Buys focuses on bringing you the best price for your old van, car or truck. Whether it’s wrecked, broken down, running or you just don’t want it anymore. All Car Buys will purchase your car at a fair price and tow it away for free! Our goal is to get you the most money for your vehicle and pick it up at your convenience. We’re open late, 6 days a week, All Car Buys can meet your needs no matter what time of day or night. Since we’re local we don’t have the huge overhead or operating expense in comparison to a nationwide business and we can offer you much more money! Give us a call and receive your free estimate.

Cash for junk cars FL

Do you have an old car, SUV, truck or van to sell? Maybe it doesn’t run anymore or is sitting on your property since the accident. Perhaps you bought a new car and don’t need this clunker anymore. Or maybe it’s been there so long, you no longer have the title to it and don’t even know if it will run. At Haines City, we buy your junk cars .

We don’t care what your junk vehicle looks like – we will pay you in cash for it. Today or tomorrow. Give us a call and let’s find out what you’ve got. We know how easy it is these days to get a new vehicle and, suddenly, that older car or truck is no longer needed. Our goal is to give you cash for junk cars in Haines City.

You may have been thinking of ways to increase your cash flow? Perhaps selling an old or rundown vehicle has just not been on your radar. Think about it – you no longer use the vehicle; it’s sitting and rusting in your driveway or behind your garage – why not let All Car Buys take it off your hands today and give you cash for it. Because in Haines City, we buy junk cars.

At All Car Buys, we buy junk vehicles in ANY condition. We don’t care what it looks like, how badly wrecked it may be, whether it’s running or not, has a spent transmission, a bad engine, or just an unwanted Junker you want to be rid of. Maybe you inherited a vehicle from a family member and have no use for it. We service the Haines City area and the surrounding areas and offer Cash for Junk cars. Call us today!

Most people assume you need that title to transfer ownership of a vehicle. We buy Haines City junk cars with or without a title. When you sell to us, all of the required paperwork will be done for you. It’s as simple as it gets.

Regardless of the make or model, at All Car Buys, we want to give you cash for your junk car. Foreign or domestic, we are expert at Haines City junk car removal. That’s what we do every day.

Step 1: Call Us Right Now. There’s no time like the present to call us and tell us all about the car, truck, SUV or van you’re looking to be rid of. Call us at 321-732-4343 or use our online form When you contact us, we will ask you for the make, model, mileage and general condition of the vehicle. We’ll want to know about the condition of the body and mechanics and that’s it. No more than five minutes of your time.

Step 2: When you call our Haines City cash for junk cars office, we’ll quickly give you our best Junk Car quote. If you accept our quote, we will then schedule a time and a place for pickup. We are familiar with all of the junk yards and salvage yards in the Haines City area and even if you have another quote, we will match it or beat it. We know what it takes to give you the best offer for your vehicle.

Step 3: Get Your Cash Today. We pay cash for your unwanted vehicle. We will pick up a vehicle in any area of Haines City usually in one business day. We can also arrange for nighttime or weekend pickups. We always work around your schedule because that’s what we do for you.

There is no need to look any further than our Haines City junk car removal service. We are the best. That’s because we are in the business of Ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling. All Car Buys processes and sells all grades of Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. It’s what we do to help out the environment. We are serious about maximizing efficiencies in the recycling industry and making this world a better place to live.

This is why at All Car Buys we focus on one goal only: bringing you the best price for your junk car, truck, van or SUV. Whether it’s a wreck, broken down, running, not running, rusting away in a field or garage, we want your unwanted vehicles. And we are willing to pay top dollar for them. Our fair prices are the best around.

Our Haines City cash for junk car removal will get you cash for your vehicle and pick it up at your convenience. We know how busy you can be, and we’ll schedule the best time for you. We’re open late, 6 days a week. Just knowing that we are a local business without the added expenses or huge overhead, makes it a better deal for you when it comes to giving you the best money for your old, unwanted vehicles.

Junk cars never look good around your property. They become an eyesore and no one wants to see them falling apart over time. Local ordinances will eventually catch up with you over unused vehicles sitting on your property, or driveway for too long. We can help you out not just in Haines City, but in Orange County, Seminole County, Osceola County, Lake County and Polk County.

There are many reasons that vehicles sit unused over time. Get cash for your vehicle now. 321-732-4343.