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At What Point Should You No Longer Fix Your Car and Junk it Instead

In 2021, the average car on the road was at least 12.1 years old. If you’re someone driving an older vehicle, how do you know when your car is ready to retire from the open road?

When you’ve finally driven your car to the ground, you might be wondering if it is time to junk your car. If you are on the edge, there are some definitive times that you should consider junking it over fixing it.

Let’s go over when it is a better idea to junk your car than it will be to fix it.

Your Mileage is Over 150K

After your car hits 150,000 miles, it’s not uncommon for problems with your transmission and engine to occur. These problems are expensive to fix in older cars and often aren’t worth your time or money.

Once your car reaches this milestone, the value drops considerably, and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone willing to buy your car other than junk car buyers.

Repairs Are More Than It’s Worth

When cars get older, it can feel like you’re constantly dumping money into them. If it feels like you can’t catch a break from making repairs, it’s likely time to take a step back to consider if it’s worth it.

Research the current value of your car to decide whether you’re putting in more than it’s worth. While fixing it may seem preferable over a new car payment, the overall cost of constant repairs and stress doesn’t always balance out in the end.

It Doesn’t Meet Safety Standards

If you want to feel safer, it might be time to junk your car if it doesn’t meet modern safety standards. With the evolution of technology, cars are developing new and improved safety features. Sure, your old car might have some airbags, but does it have anything else that makes you feel safe driving it regularly?

Modern safety measures include more impact resistance, adaptive headlights, backup cameras, traction systems, and side airbag technology. These features keep you and your family safer in the event of an accident.

Things Are Starting to Rust

Rust often starts as a small cosmetic problem, but once it spreads, bigger problems can begin to occur. Rust can ruin the integrity of your car, lead to dangerous fumes, break down the undercarriage, or eat away at your break/gas lines.

If you notice more rust in your car, scheduling a junk car removal and upgrading your vehicle is probably the best option for your safety.

No One Wants to Buy it

Most used cars have interested buyers, so if you can’t find anyone interested in yours, it probably isn’t worth the trouble. Cars will have trouble selling if they’re too old, high mileage, in poor condition, or a style people don’t want anymore.

Consider how much time and effort it would take to try selling your vehicle. If you’re unable to find a buyer within a few months, it’s better to cut your losses and junk it.

Even if you can’t find anyone interested in buying it, you can still get cash for junk cars from businesses that recycle them. When recycling old cars, these companies will separate the materials to sell and offer a good price for them.

Not Enough Space for Your Needs

If you’ve had your car for several years, chances are your life has changed a lot since you first bought it. Now, your car might not be big enough to suit your lifestyle.

You might have a hobby or job that requires you to transport large items. In most cases, the growing pains are related to a growing family. If you don’t have enough room in your car, junking it might be the next step to upgrade to a vehicle that’s more reliable and has the space you need.

Your Check Engine Light is Always On

The check engine light is a telltale sign that you have something wrong with your car. This light indicates a range of problems like loose gas caps, misfiring engines, faulty fuel injectors, broken sensors, or faulty coils.

When this light doesn’t go off and can’t be reset, your car may have a serious issue that isn’t worth the trouble to fix.

You’re Ready for Something New

When you’ve driven your current car for many years and it’s seen better days, there comes a time when you’re ready for something new. If you want to avoid the hassle of trying to sell an old vehicle, junking it is an easy way to get it off your hands and make some money.

Know When It’s Time to Junk Your Car

Even if your car has lasted many years, there comes a time to move on to something new. Know when it’s time to junk your car by looking for the signs mentioned in this article.

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