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When is Your Car Considered to Be Junk?

If you have a vehicle that has just about had it, you have options for getting rid of it. 

Roughly 14 million tons of steel from junk cars get recycled each year. You can take your part in protecting the planet and getting rid of a vehicle that you no longer need when you sell it for parts to a junk car dealer. 

How can you tell when your car is junk? Below we’ll dive into the junk car definition and how you can sell yours. 

What is a Junk Car?

As a whole, a junk car is any vehicle that no longer serves the purpose of getting you around and acting as a reliable mode of transportation. Unlike cars that just need to be fixed, junk cars are typically on their last leg and unlikely to be fixed. 

Get to know the junk car definition to know if your vehicle fits the bill. Here are a few of the circumstances that are most common.

Undrivable or Unsafe for Public Streets

If you have a non running car, particularly one that is old, it fits the definition of a junk car. This could be due to things like an engine that croaked or other important parts that need to be replaced. Your vehicle might also apply if it runs, but it’s unsafe for public streets. 

For instance, it might just barely run and could leave you stranded any given time you drive it. The vehicle might also smoke or even catch fire. Whenever a car is too far gone for public streets, the best thing to do is to sell it for scrap. 

Unfixable or Too Expensive to Fix

It’s one thing if your car won’t turn on due to an issue that you can quickly get fixed at a repair shop. When a vehicle gets too old, there are several issues that can pile up that make the vehicle virtually unfixable without building an entirely new car or otherwise embarking on an expensive makeover. 

People are more likely to just junk their vehicle if the cost of this work exceeds the market value of the vehicle. It’s simply easier and more financially sound to sell the vehicle for whatever you can get from it and then buy a new one. 

It Only Has Scrap Value

Once your vehicle diminishes in value to the point that you’d be hard-pressed to find a seller, the only option you have is to sell it for scrap. With a scrap car, a dealer will give you a small, but reasonable sum of money for your troubles. 

You won’t get the full value that you’d get when selling it as a used car, but you will get some cash in your pocket for someone to take the vehicle off your hands. This way, you won’t have to leave it to be an unusable eyesore taking up space on your property. You will also no longer have to pay personal property tax for the vehicle. 

How Can You Handle a Junk Car?

It’s important that you know what steps to take to get a good deal for your junk car. Following the correct steps will help you match up with a seller and expedite the process. 

Get Your Hands on the Paperwork

Before anything, you need to make sure that you can prove you’re the owner of the vehicle and have the full right to sell it. Find the tile, registration, and any other documentation that you need so that you can transfer ownership without any hassles or setbacks. 

Otherwise, you may run into title issues that require more communication with the bank or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

Make Sure That It’s a Junk Car

Next, make sure that there is nothing else that you can do with your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is junk a vehicle that you still could drive or sell as a regular car. 

Get it inspected by a couple of reputable car repair mechanics that have no vested interest in the vehicle. They’ll let you know whether it’s salvageable or if it’s time to sell it for parts. Many auto shops also purchase these kinds of vehicles so that they have parts to repair other customers’ vehicles. 

Find a Salvage Dealer

Look for the help of a reputable dealer that purchases junk cars. Research their background and Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade, along with any reviews left for them. 

Speak to a couple of shops to get an idea of the deals they have on the table and how they will take your car off your hands. 

Negotiate a Fair Price

Take the time to negotiate until you get a price that you’re happy with. Do your due diligence and get an offer before making your decision. 

From here, you can choose if that price seems fair. Make sure you are clear on who will pick up the vehicle and what condition it needs to be in before you turn it over to them. Draw up a contract, sign the title over, and accept your payment and you’ve just sold your junk car. 

Junk Car 101

So, what is a junk car? Now that you understand the ins and outs of these vehicles, you can make the decisions that will make a difference. 

All Car Buys can help you out when you’re looking into getting a good deal for your junk car. Start with the information above and contact us online for more information.