What Happens to Your Junk Car After You Sell It?

You’re looking at your junk car sitting in the driveway, gathering rust. You’ve decided that it’s not worth the time it will take you to repair it, and you want rid of it.

Most people are aware that they can sell their unwanted cars to a junkyard as a way to make some quick cash, but few people know what happens to their vehicle afterward.

It all depends on the state that the vehicle is in when the junkyard gets it. Some cars can go on to have a fascinating afterlife. Let’s take a look at what happens after selling a junk car

Antiques and Classics

After the junk car removal company has come to take your car off to the junkyard, they will first assess the vehicle’s condition. 

If it’s possible that the vehicle can be restored or repaired, the people at the junkyard might decide to try and get it back in working order. 

If a car is particularly old or a very sought after and admired model, the junkyard will try its best to get the car back in working order or sell it to somebody who can. 

These cars can fetch a high price at auctions and private sales. It’s possible that your vehicle can go on to provide joy for a lot of people for years to come. 

EOL Vehicles 

An end-of-life vehicle often referred to as an EOL vehicle, is a vehicle that has been damaged beyond repair and can no longer work. This does not always mean that the cars are entirely wrecked. Sometimes the engine might be too damaged to be worth fixing. 

These are the vehicles that pay cash for junk cars are usually dealing with. Junkyards also get to remove damaged vehicles from the side of the road. These are EOL cars too. 

Once the car gets to the junkyard and has been determined as an EOL vehicle, there is a multi-step process for stripping and recycling the car. Let’s take a look at that process. 

Details Are Removed 

After junking your car, the people at the scrapyard need first to remove it from the DMV database. 

Every registered car in the country has a VIN (vehicle identification number). This number is how the DMV and other authorities can track whom cars belong to and what condition they’re in.

The scrapyard will remove your car’s VIN from the DMV system. This is essentially the death certificate of your car. After the VIN has been removed, it can no longer be fixed, sold, or purchased without the consumer knowing that it’s a salvage car. 

Vehicle is Recycled 

After the scrapyard removes the VIN from the DMV database, the car is ready to be recycled. 

This stage of the process is where the vehicles are broken down into components and essential metals, with each part of the car being recycled. 


The junkyard will pay attention to the liquids in the car. The junkyard will drain any oil or fuel from the car.

The motor oil and fuel will then be recycled and repurposed by other industries.

Extracting the Steel

After this, the car will be stripped down to its components until the core frame of the car is left. 

The scrapyard will then run the vehicle through a shredder or a crusher. The machine works to flatten the car in seconds. The crushed and shredded metal then travels along a conveyor belt.

While the metal is on the conveyor belt, a magnet extracts all of the steel. Recycled steel plays a considerable role in the manufacturing industry and can save the enormous amount of energy it takes to mine the ore required to make it. Automobiles are one of the most commonly recycled objects in America, and manufacturers get millions of tons of steel from recycled cars

Further Sorting

After the steel has been extracted, what’s left of the car will then go through a filtration process. 

This process will separate the aluminum from the debris. Aluminum is another valuable metal that manufacturers are in constant need of. These scraps of aluminum get sold to be used in other products.

The Rest

By this point of the process, there isn’t very much of the vehicle left to work with. The rest of the metal debris gets shipped off, often overseas, where it goes through a process of being softened.

Any rubber extracted from the junk car is used to create new pedals or floor mats. The carpet is also sold to various manufacturers who can use the material to make things like air cleaners.

How to Sell Your Junk Car

Now you know what happens after junking your car. How do you get it there in the first place? 

Junking a car is a straightforward process. You’ll need to prepare a few things by taking your belongings out of the vehicle and ensuring that you’ve got all your paperwork in order. 

Once you’ve got all that sorted, contact All Car Buys. They’ll make you an offer, and if you accept that, they will come and collect your car for you. 

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