What Do I Do with My License Plate After Junking My Car?

Having a car allows you so much independence and freedom. You can go where you want when you want. It allows you to take your transportation and safety into your own hands and saves you time when compared with public transportation or relying on others for rides.

Sometimes a car can start causing more trouble than it’s worth. If your car has a bad transmission, a bad engine, got into a bad wreck, or is otherwise past its prime, having a car can feel more like a liability than a luxury.

If you’re in this situation, there’s a good chance you’ve looked into junking your car.  Getting cash for junk cars can be a reasonable solution to this issue, but you’ll want to make sure that you know what to do with your license plate no matter how you’re getting rid of it.

Let’s look at what you need to know.

License Plate Laws

There are different laws regarding license plates between different states in the US. In general, though, license plates are connected with a particular vehicle owner and vehicle registration.

When you are selling or junking your car, you can be left open to liability if you leave your license plates on the vehicle. If your plates are still on the vehicle, and it is subsequently used for any kind of illegal activity, for example, you could end up dealing with a particularly unpleasant turn of events.

When dealing with cars, there is something known as “owner liability.” This means that the person who owns a vehicle is the person who is held responsible if dangerous or illegal activity occurs that involves the car. This doesn’t just mean serious car accidents or crimes, it also applies to issues such as towing fees, parking tickets, and more.

Surrendering the Plate

In Florida, you must surrender your license plate if you have canceled your insurance on the vehicle, sold the vehicle without transferring the plates to a new vehicle, or are moving to a new state and registering the car there.

This is very important to note. The reason is because naturally you will cancel the insurance on your junked vehicle, because it is no longer necessary. At this point, your insurance company will notify the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of your cancellation. If you do not surrender your plates within 30 days of your cancellation, your driver’s license will officially be suspended.

With this in mind, make absolutely sure that you remove your license plate and surrender it to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles prior to junking your car.

Junking My Car: Is it Right for You?

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