Nine Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave a Junk Car Sitting on Your Property in Zephyrhills, FL

How frequently do you think about the junk car resting idly on your Zephyrhills property?

Probably not as frequent as you should.

A recent study has revealed that auto recycling is the 16th biggest industry in the U.S., estimated to earn nearly $25 billion every year.

Many car owners let their scrap cars sit in their outdoor space for years. This is a bad habit, because it poses many long-standing problems that could cost you money in the long haul.

Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t leave your junk car on your property.

Destroys the Appearance of Your Surrounding

It can be an eyesore for the entire neighborhood to see your junk car on a driveway or parked on the street. This negatively affects the attractiveness of your neighborhood, and certainly reduces your property value. While you may never have meant to annoy your neighbors, having a junk car on or near your property can create problems with them.

Erodes Paint

You might be clinging onto your car, expecting to repair and resell it someday. However, as it lies in an exposed setting, the sun’s rays will heat the vehicle’s exterior and cause the paint to erode.

As a result, the paint will bubble, clump, and fade as time goes by. This further depreciates your car making it more expensive to repair. In these instances, it is better to sell it to a company that buys junk cars and avoid the added costs.

Violates the Law of Torts

You’re violating the U.S. Law of Torts if you allow your junk car to sit on your property. Since neighborhood kids are constantly scanning for the next fun game. A junk car could unquestionably become an attention grabber for these active children.

In incidents where they trespass into your property and get hurt when playing on your junk car, you will be held responsible. This attractive nuisance doctrine applies to almost anything that poses a hazard, including swimming pools, junk cars, and even trampolines.

Leaks Fluids

As a junk car begins to rust, it can ooze hazardous fluids, including fuel, antifreeze, engine oil, and more. This is especially common in vehicles that have been involved in any collision, since they become more exposed to corrosion and other effects because of the body damage.

These fluids can be detrimental to any people or animals that come into contact with them. Some chemicals that leak from these junk cars may also be flammable and create fire and explosion risks. Keeping that in mind, you might need to hire a junk car removal company to keep you and your family safe.

Decreases Property Value

Junk cars can contribute to a drop in your Zephyrhills property value. However, a junk car does not only affect the private property it sits on. Any drop in property value based on the unpleasantness of a scrap car can decrease surrounding property value as well. So, your neighbors will probably be unhappy at not only having to look at your junk car every day, but also causing a decrease in the value of their home.

Exposes Your Family to Danger

Car parts are made from metal. Thus, it can be dangerous when it becomes rusty, particularly when their pointed tips wound someone. As a result, you or your loved one might sustain injuries that require stitches, or even a tetanus shot. In addition, like we mentioned before, there are poisonous and highly combustible fluids that can leak from your junk car which can cause unexpected fires and explosions.

Endangers the Environment

Keeping a junk car on your driveway or yard not only jeopardizes your family, but also endangers the environment. Apart from the rust it produces, it also releases hazardous fluids that once emptied on the ground, can seep into the surrounding Earth and cause environmental pollution.

Attracts Undesirables

Usually, pests stay away from vehicles that you actively use every day. However, when you leave a vehicle abandoned on your property, over time, they become a hotel for a variety of undesired pests.

Stray dogs, rats, raccoons, insects, wild cats, and several other animals may take shelter in a deserted vehicle. The junk car on your property can also attract thieves, vandals, vagrants, and crooks looking to score auto parts.

Prevents You from Earning Cash from Your Junk Car

If you believe your old and broken car is not worth any amount of money, and no one will ever be interested in it, you are wrong. Many car owners believe that it’s in their best interest to keep their junk cars on their property for a variety of reasons including nostalgia, indecisiveness, and outright laziness. However, doing so only prevents you from making some cash from your junk car.

Rather than letting your junk car rot in your driveway, backyard, or neighborhood street, simply take it to a salvage yard to enjoy a quick and easy way to get cash in your pocket.

For all of those seeking to receive cash for junk cars in Zephyrhills, you’ll need to ensure you learn the basics of the factors that drive the cost. Some of them hold to their value, while others fluctuate.

Get Paid to Discard Your Junk Car Today

Whether you notice it or not, a junk car should not have a place on your private property. The space the scrap vehicle is using can be put to much better use. We understand it can be difficult to handle the process of removing a junk car from your property, that’s why we are happy to tell you that you have another alternative.

You can sell your scrap car to our junk car buyers serving Zephyrhills. Contact us today and we will offer you a fair price for your junk car and tow it from your property for free. It does not matter if it’s undrivable, damaged, or old, we will take the burden off your hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a quote now.