My Car Was Flooded in Orlando by a Hurricane, What’s Next?

My Car Was Flooded in Orlando by a Hurricane Whats Next

My Car Was Flooded in Orlando by a Hurricane, What’s Next?

More than a million cars are estimated to have been ruined in Houston’s 2018 Hurricane Harvey alone. Fifty-eight inches of rain consumed the streets, leading to mass chaos, but after the water dried out, what happened to all those flooded cars?

Perhaps one of those car owners experienced something like this:

There was no time to get the car to higher ground as the hurricane, seemingly coming out of nowhere, ravaged his vehicle. It was amazing how fast life seemed to change. One day they were driving a beautiful blue Rav 4 with leather interior, and the next they were staring at it drowning in water. 

As they assessed the damage, soggy carpets, wilted leather, and a disturbing smell, it all made them wonder if there was any hope for the vehicle. A quick look at the engine and it was clear; the SUV would never be the same again.

In Florida, if a vehicle is flooded and reported to the insurance, the insurance company will brand the vehicle and report it to FLHSMV.  Basically, the title will state the vehicle was damaged by flood, which greatly decreases the value of the car, even after it is repaired/restored.

So, what can you do with a flooded car from a hurricane? Here is a quick guide of what you can do.

Ask the Following Questions First

Before you make any decisions, it is important to assess the damage. Consider the following:

  1. Does it still drive?
  2. Do the safety features still work?
  3. Can the ruined interior be easily replaced?
  4. Are the electrical issues simple, like a dead battery, or more complicated like a failing engine control module?

The answers to these questions will help you determine if it is worth trying to save or not. Even if the car can still drive and the safety features still work, if severe electrical problems are present, it may not be worth saving. 

Some electrical problems, like a broken alternator, can cost thousands. Others, like a blown fuse, will likely only be a couple of hundred dollars.

With a flood, one of the biggest electrical concerns is rust and corrosion, which can be an expensive fix. Furthermore, if there is rust or corrosion, concerns are more than just cosmetic. Rust can compromise the quality and sturdiness of the metal, causing safety issues for the vehicle.

Talk to your mechanic in Orlando and find out how much the repairs would cost. Then compare that estimate to the fair market value of your car. If repairs are going to cost more than the car could be sold for, it is probably not worth keeping.

A great place to find the value of your vehicle is on Kelley Blue Book. If it is not worth the money to save, you will need to consider other options.

Determine Whether You Should Sell Your Flooded Car or Donate It

Once you have decided not to keep your car, you get to choose its destiny. There are pros and cons in selling it.

If You Sell

Selling the car is a good option, even if the water damage is severe. There actually are people and companies in Orlando who will buy junk cars.

One reason this is a good option for you is that you would get cash in your pocket The sooner you get the money, the faster you can get a new car that you can enjoy. Maybe even an upgrade from the one you had.

If you sell to a private buyer rather than a junkyard, you usually won’t have to pay for towing, although many companies don’t charge you for towing either, like All Car Buys for example. This does create slightly more work for you though, because finding a private buyer takes more time, and there might be more details involved with the title, especially for a vehicle that has been damaged by flood.

Also, research pays off. If you know what the car is worth, you can ensure that you get a fair price. Take that extra day to dig around and find out more information about your car.

Once You’ve Made the Decision 

What can you do with a flooded car from a hurricane in Florida? Fix itor sell it.

One great option for junk car removal is All Car Buys. We will purchase your flooded vehicle for a fair price and tow it away for free. It doesn’t matter if it still drives, has mold, or is covered in rust, we would be happy to take it off your hands and offer you cash for it. We serve Orlando and surrounding areas.

Either way, don’t let your flooded vehicle just sit in the driveway. Redeem it for something good.

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