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Most Common Myths About Junking Your Car Busted

Most Common Myths About Junking Your Car Busted

Did you know that about 80% of your car can be either recycled or reused? That means that the car that you don’t want, or don’t drive anymore, could be very useful!

So, why don’t more people consider junking their old unwanted cars? The answer could possibly be that there are a number of myths about the junk car buying process that are simply not true.

Below, we bunk some of the most popular myths about junking your car. 

Myth #1: Your Junk Car Isn’t Worth Anything

There is a misconception that a junk car value is nearly zero. On the contrary, as we mentioned before, most of your car is salvageable. 

Junkyard owners can sell parts of your car or make a profit using the metal for recycled material. Either way, they are willing to pay a decent amount to you because they will make a profit. 

The condition of the car doesn’t disqualify it from selling to a junkyard. You’re not selling your car to another owner who will expect it to drive. Instead, it holds value because of its parts, whether they work or not. 

Myth #2: You Need a Title to Junk Your Car

In the past, the car junking process used to mean that you needed a title to sell it to the junkyard. This was necessary to prove ownership. 

However, this rule has changed and it’s now possible to sell your car to a junkyard without a title. If fact, in Florida, your title must be canceled before you junk it.

Still, most junkyards still require proof of ownership. How do they expect this to happen?

You can prove your ownership by showing insurance paperwork, car registration in your name, or by signing an affidavit stating that you are the owner of the car. 

Myth #3: Only Certain Cars Can Be Junked

Some junkyards take only one type of car because they work with mechanics or dealerships that are specific to a certain car brand or make. However, if you shop around, you can find one that accepts your car.

The model or the make will matter to some junkyards if they only want cars made after a particular year. However, many junkyards have a vast variety of cars and will accept any type of car and in any condition. 

Call the junkyard to check whether they accept your make and model before choosing them. At All Car Buys, we accept any type of car so you can be sure yours will be accepted. 

Myth #4: You Have to Pay for Expensive Towing

Some junkyards charge towing fees to get your car from your home to their lot. This can be expensive if you live far away. 

Luckily, many junkyards, like All Car Buys, offer a free towing service when you sell your car to it. This makes selling your car and disposing of it very easy and cheap. So, selling your car means you get all the profit. 

This is especially useful if your car isn’t in working condition or has broken down somewhere. 

Myth #5: Your Car Has to Be Working

A junkyard isn’t going to be driving your car or reselling your car to another owner. Instead, it uses parts and valuable metal inside. 

This means that your car doesn’t have to be working to sell it to a junkyard. 

Broken parts of your car may also be fixed by the junkyard if it means making a profit off of repairable parts. So, never think that your car can’t be junked if the engine isn’t working, or your transmission is shot. 

If you aren’t sure if a part is valuable, then you can always contact the junkyard to see if it is sellable, and if it is, ask for a quote.

Myth #6: Cars Need to Be Whole

You may think that you need a whole car and all its parts for it to sell at a junkyard. On the contrary, because the car is going to be broken down anyway, you are able to sell parts of a car to a junkyard as well. 

For instance, if you have a car with no tires or wheels, interior seating, or an independent engine, then you can sell these parts separately to make money off of these unused car pieces. 

In some cases, selling parts of a car may be more valuable than a whole car because the junkyard won’t have to spend time dismantling your car for the separate parts. 

Myth #7: Junkyards Are Intimidating and Unsafe

If you’ve ever watched a movie that showed a junkyard, it was probably a scene where something horrible happened. This is one of the biggest myths, which is used because of the number of scrapped cars on the property. 

Junkyards can look intimidating to most people because they seem chaotic. However, most junkyards are organized. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make a profit. 

While scraps of metal and heavy machinery seem dangerous, junkyards are designed for customers. If you do need to visit a junkyard then stay within the designated area and if you do get permission to go into the yard then wear closed toe shoes, a helmet, and gloves to avoid hazards. 

Finding the Right Junk Car Buyer

Now that you know the truth about selling your junk car to a junkyard, it’s time to find the right one. You want a junkyard that offers the most services like free towing and one that accepts all types of cars in any condition. 

In addition, you should use a junkyard that pays fairly for your junk car and that has a reliable reputation.

You will find all of these qualities at All Car Buys. 

Contact us today to get a quote and schedule a pickup.