Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Junking Your Car

Do you have a wrecked or broken-down car in your garage? Are you wondering how you can junk your car? Perhaps you replaced your old car, and it’s just lying on the driveway or in the garage. The good news is you can get extra cash by junking your car.

Whether it still runs or not, the junk car still got a price tag on it. Furthermore, who doesn’t want some extra money? However, don’t sell your junk car at a throwaway price. You deserve the best offer you can find.

Suppose you are selling your junk car for the first time. You need to learn about the mistakes a lot of car sellers make so you can avoid them yourself.

Below, we cover the common car junking mistakes you should try to avoid at all costs.

No Proof of Ownership

It’s a law requirement to provide proof of ownership when selling your car. This also includes when you are junking your car.

When selling the junk car, have all the car documents showing you are the true owner. These include storage lot lien, auction sales receipt, repossession affidavit, or a mechanic’s lien.

In case you don’t have a title of ownership, you might want to reach out to the DMV to get a new one.

To comply with the laws, consider bringing along your car title when finalizing the sale.

Being in a Rush

You want to get the best deal for your junk car. Now that you have decided to sell the junk car don’t just accept any offer that comes along.

First, have a car valuation to determine its value, and you might want this done by a professional. All Car Buys can determine your car’s value, depending on several factors.

Before you hit the market, know how much you will accept for the junk car. You only accept the first offer when it exceeds your asking price.

Paying for Towing

If the car isn’t running, avoid paying extra cash for a towing service to take it to the dealer.

Here at All Car Buys, we offer free towing services.

Agreeing to Accept Payment at a Later Date

By signing over the title to the vehicle, do you know that you have transferred the car’s ownership? Yes, by law, you are no longer the owner.

For some reason, you might be tempted to sign the title or deliver the car before receiving payment. While they could still pay you, it could take a long time and effort to get cash for your junk car. For this reason, get the cash prior to signing over the title.

The payment should be made on the spot unless there is an agreement, and you are sure of what will happen. As a rule of thumb, don’t relinquish the car until you are paid in full.

Not Doing a Sweep of the Car

You keep a lot of personal information and documents in the car, right? You could leave some crucial documents in the glove box or personal items under the seats or mats.

To protect against junkyard identity theft, sweep your car clean for documents like paycheck stubs or tax info.

Also, check if there is any valuable item unintentionally left in the car.

Last, make sure that you remove the license plate. If you do not surrender your license plate to the DMV after selling your car to a junk car buyer, you could be subject to a suspended driver’s license

Accepting Less Than the Agreed Quote

If you already know the value of your car and you are honest about its condition, don’t bend too low. In fact, the buyer should honor the quoted price.

If they try to convince you otherwise to give less payment, don’t accept it just because it’s convenient and the buyer is there. Don’t accept to sell to someone who is lowballing or scamming you.

Not Removing Custom Accessories

Back in the day, you might have installed a powerful music system in your car. You should know that the junk car buyer will only pay for the car and won’t give you anything more for additional custom parts.

In fact, most buyers are not even interested in these accessories, so why not just remove them? You can make extra cash by selling the vintage custom accessories on their own.

Avoid the Above Mistakes When Junking Your Car

Junking your car doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can get some extra money on that old car by following junk car removal tips and avoiding common pitfalls.

When selling your junk car, avoid the mistakes above for a smooth experience.

Are you ready to sell your junk car? All Car Buys is here to help. We buy junk cars in any condition and tow them for free. Our goal is to ensure you get the best offer for your old car.

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