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Junk Your Old Car and Get Extra Cash for Your Vacation

Did you know that the average American is spending over $1,900 on summer trips? If you hope to take a getaway when the weather’s perfect, you may need some extra cash to make that dream a reality. Fortunately, you can make this happen by junking an old vehicle

Below, we go over how you can junk your car to get extra cash for your summer vacation!

Know the Procedure to Sell a Junk Vehicle

First, when you’re junking a car, you should ensure you abide by the state laws. In Florida, for instance, you can sell a junk vehicle regardless of whether it runs or not. That’s because buyers will be able to dismantle the car and make use of the individual parts.

Ideally, you’ll want to have your title available for transfer, but it is not essential to have one. Your car will need to meet certain requirements in that case, however. Cars that are over ten years old and valued below $1,000 do not need to have a title for a dealer to buy them. 

In Florida, you can unload a junk car to a salvage yard, the state, or an online buyer. With any of these options, you’ll be able to see an efficient sale, and a tow truck can come to pick up your car too, minimizing the time investment on your part. 

Just be sure you have the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) and a salvage title. Additionally, you’ll need to stop your auto insurance and prepare to hand over license plates. 

Gather Information About Your Car

If you plan to seek out an online buyer, you’ll need to provide a thorough understanding of what your car offers. To attract the most attention to your junk car, it can pay to invest in good photographs and descriptions. Even if it feels tedious, remind yourself that the effort can lead to extra cash in your pockets.

Take clear photographs that provide a genuine sense of the car’s rust, missing parts, or other issues. You’ll want to take note of the essential information about your car to provide an accurate overview in your description.

Gather the make, model, and year. Also, determine the condition of the car’s engine and body and note its mileage. Pull these items together into a description that you can submit easily to online buyers.

You should research the sales prices for cars in comparable condition, too. This will help you assess an offer and determine whether it is fair or not. 

Understand What Gives Your Car Value

You might wonder if it’s worth trying to sell a junk car. Remember that even if your car has been involved in an accident and sustained damage, you still can receive money for it. A buyer will be looking at items like the engine, transmission, and GPS system as valuable scrap parts. 

While you may be able to sell a car without a title in Florida, be aware that not having a title could result in a lower payment. That’s because the buyer will be covering the costs for the transfer of ownership. Despite this, it’s still worth it to remove the burden of an unneeded car on your property.

Make sure you have a vehicle history report and collect maintenance records. These documents will show a potential buyer that you are serious and prepared. They could also help you score a better offer on your junk vehicle. 

Find the Right Buyer

Once you have the necessary documents and have done your research, you can pursue finding a buyer. As with many situations where you are trying to sell something, it is smart to get multiple quotes.

Yes, it may be convenient to go with the first quote that comes your way. But you may be able to do better with the second or third quote. You may even be able to use higher quotes to negotiate a better offer.

A potential buyer may require a physical evaluation of the car. This is to verify that the car matches your description and photos. 

Ask a buyer whether they will be able to tow your car for free, and make sure you confirm the payment price for your car before a buyer hooks it up to a tow truck or takes it with a wrecker. You don’t want them to lower the price after the car has been loaded.

Review Your Quote

Finally, you should review a quote from an interested buyer. With an online buyer, since you’re posting images and information about the car, you can expect an offer quickly. You may get it within days or even hours. 

A local junkyard may be able to check your car quickly, as well. In any case, ask family and friends for recommendations if they have gone through a similar process. Look online for reviews too before agreeing to an offer to make sure a buyer is reputable. 

When you’re ready to accept an offer, ask the buyer how long it will take to receive the money. In some cases, the transaction can happen instantaneously. The best car buyers will hand you cash when they arrive to pick up your vehicle!

With your cash in hand, that frees you up to start planning your summer vacation. As another plus, you won’t have to deal with a junk car sitting on your property.

Junk Your Car for Extra Cash

When you try to junk your car, you can clear out space and earn money in the process. Be clear on the state laws for selling a junk car and gather the necessary documents and information. Then review offers before selecting the best one.

Do you have an old car that you’re hoping to unload? Contact us and we can help!