Does an Electrical Problem Mean Your Car is Junk?

Did you know the average vehicle has a recycling rate of around 90%? Cars are the most recycled commodities in the US, and junking them is not just good for the environment but can get you some quick cash as well.

One reason you might want to consider scrapping a vehicle is because of faulty electrics. If you have trouble, read our guide on electrical problems and see if you need junk car removal. 

Electrical Problem Signs

There are several signs that your vehicle might have electrical problems. Oddly, they do not always involve your electronics cutting out. Also, not all of these vehicle electrical problems mean you should scrap your car. 


A burning smell can come from many places in the car. However, they most likely indicate that the vehicle has an electrical fault. The smell of burning plastic, rubber, or melting are vital signs. 

This could just be a burnt or shorted-out wire. You may even start to see smoke in the vehicle. In any instance, you should get it looked at by a mechanic, as if your electrics go while the car is in motion, you have serious problems. 

Dimmed Lights

Dim bulbs, either on the interior or exterior, could be caused by two issues. The first is the bulb itself, which you should replace immediately. If the problem remains, then you have an electrical fault. 

Engine Won’t Turn Over

Many people assume that when their car doesn’t turn over, it is an engine problem. This is not always true, and the battery or starter could be the issue. Electrics are needed to fire both so that it can be a car electrical problem. 

Electric Components Not Functioning

Screens, stereos, and satellite navigation all need electricity to run. If one is experiencing a malfunction, then check the items themselves. If you have more than one causing problems, it is an indication you could have electrical faults in the vehicle. 

What Are the Main Electrical Faults?

There are a few main reasons your electrics might go. The first is the alternator. You can tell this is the problem when the car gradually loses power, with lights dimming and fading. 

The ignition coil has similar problems to the alternator. However, with this, you should have trouble starting the engine and even smell burning. Another cause for the engine not starting will be the battery or the solenoid. 

When Shouldn’t I Worry?

Luckily, many electrical problems can be fixed relatively inexpensively. It may be down to a cheap blown fuse, or you could simply need some rewiring or a new battery. None of these will blow the bank. 

If you really want to save money, then ask if the car be driven with the problem still present. Just check that all the safety features are still operational and that it is both reliable and safe to control. 

If the answer is no, then get the opinion of a mechanic. They will tell you how much repairs will cost, or if it is a minor problem, you can ignore or pay to repair. 

When is Fixing Not Worth It?

Expensive electrical faults are going to be the main reason fixing is not worth it. You need to decide on the cost and labor in comparison to the current value of the car. Will it make more sense to get a new vehicle instead?

Keep in mind that vehicles also have diminishing returns and lose value with age. If the electrical problem is sure to return, consider the money you lose on the aging car and future repairs. It might be more sensible to get rid of it now. 

Why Junk My Car?

There are several reasons you should junk cars with serious electrical problems. First, many of the issues can occur several times. Even if you manage to repair them, the same problem can come back in a different place or area. 

Another reason is that modern cars have highly complex electrical issues to deal with. Mercedes and BMW cars may have lots of infotainment systems and safety features that make the journey comfortable. The downside is that they are costly to fix, which will only worsen as the car ages.

That means that repairs are increasing in price. For example, if an electronic control unit dies, you can expect a hefty repair bill. In these cases, it might be better to junk your car altogether. 

Finally, driving a car with electrical problems is not safe. Even if they are not moving, they can be a fire risk. If your vehicle is in motion and it cuts out, you have an even bigger problem. 

Selling a Car with Electrical Problems

Selling a car with electrical problems is not easy. If you have given up on the vehicle and it has become too costly to repair, there are few reasons anyone else would take it on. This means you are looking for a buyer who deals in damaged cars. 

Trading at a dealership is not worth the time and effort. Even in part exchange, car lots want vehicles they can sell on for a profit. This means you won’t get the best value and are better off selling it privately.

This is the point at which you should consider finding a company that gives cash for junk cars. The process is much easier than advertising for a buyer, and they will take most vehicles in a range of conditions. 

We Buy Junk Cars

Now you know about electrical problems, you might be considering scrapping your car.

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