Do I Have to Drain the Fluids from My Junk Car?

Do I Have to Drain the Fluids from My Junk Car

Do I Have to Drain the Fluids from My Junk Car?

We all have had that one car, the one with all the memories. It took us to our first prom, or perhaps you drove your firstborn home in it.

You labored over it to keep it going because you loved it so much or you just couldn’t afford to replace it. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The same goes for your favorite car.

Once you’ve decided to let your car go and sell it to junk car buyer, you’re not quite done with it. You still have a few more basic things to care for before you sell.

In particular, even though your junk car may not start, it has a variety of fluids in it. This begs the question, if you need to drain the fluids from your car before junking it.

Learn about how you can prepare your junk car for the salvage yard, and in particular, if you need to go through the laborious process of draining the fluids or not. 

Who Will Drain the Fluids from My Junk Car? 

When you’re looking for cash for junk cars, you cannot just tow your car to the junkyard without proper preparation. You should give your car a once over to make sure you have what you need from it. You do not, typically, need to drain all of the fluids from the car, however. 

Many automotive fluids are hazardous, and not something you want to dump on the ground next to your garage. At All Car Buys, we have a piece of equipment on the yard that is designed to drain all of the fluids from the vehicle.  Furthermore, we’re required to properly dispose of the fluids via a certified third party, and we are required to maintain documentation of the disposal. Here’s an overview of the fluids your car most likely still has in it. 

Engine Oil

Both crude oil and natural gas make up the bulk of engine oil. It also will often have additives like antioxidants or detergents. 

Your car distributed engine oil throughout the entire mechanics to keep the parts lubricated. You will find the bulk of the oil in your vehicle in the oil reservoir. 

The ingredients in engine oil can cause environmental problems, so you want an expert to drain and care for this automotive liquid. 


Gasoline consists of refined crude oil. Your car will have a tank specifically for the gas. A fuel pump pulls the gas out and into the fuel lines, where a filter then removes any impurities. 

The fuel injectors then push the gasoline into combustion chambers that combust the gasoline to make the car move. Like engine oil, gasoline can cause environmental pollution, so you want the experts to care for this fluid properly. Do not drain your gas tank on your own. 


All vehicles have antifreeze or coolant. Typically, coolant consists of distilled water and ethylene glycol. Without coolant, your vehicle could not regulate the engine temperature. 

Coolant moves through the engine and takes heat with it. It keeps your vehicle from overheating by pulling this heat and moving through the radiator, which dissipates the heat to the outside air. 

Without coolant, your vehicle would overheat. So, if your vehicle does not have a coolant, it likely quit because it overheated. It also could just have some faulty lines and coolant leaks. 

Regardless, if you do have antifreeze in your vehicle, let the experts drain it. 

Transmission Fluid

Much like antifreeze, transmission fluid helps regulate vehicle temperatures. This fluid consists of refined crude oil usually, though sometimes synthetic oils make up the transmission fluid.

This fluid provides the necessary hydraulic pressure when you need to shift gears. As the fluid moves through the transmission, it cleans and lubricates the transmission. 

Brake Fluid

Your brake lubricant consists of a silicone-based liquid. It lubricates the system without harming any plastic or rubber seals. It also prevents friction in the moving parts of the car and prevents wear and tear. 

Ultimately, your vehicle runs smoothly when you stop because of the brake lubricant. Without brake fluid, your vehicle would make loud noises every time you try to stop. 

Like with all of the fluids, do not attempt to drain this fluid on your own. The junk experts will care for this fluid and all of the others listed. 

Other Preparation

While you should leave the fluids alone, you can do a few other things to prepare your car for the junking process. Typically, you receive an amount for your car based on its weight, year, make, and model. This is particularly true when it comes to the catalytic converter, which makes up a significant portion of the vehicle’s recyclable value in today’s market.

So, if you have any valuable extras on the car, remove them. You won’t receive any extra money for a special decal.

Pay attention to some of the other valuable items in the vehicle. 

Radio or Sound System

Did you put an aftermarket sound system in the vehicle? If so, you can uninstall it and save it for your next vehicle. 

Check all of the offices in the entertainment system. You may just find that vintage cassette tape or CD you lost in high school. 


Examine your vehicle for its ornamental features. For example, the right hood ornament could earn you as much as the value of your junked car. So, take out any memorabilia and ornaments that mean something to you. 


Do a thorough search of the vehicle before you send it off with the tow truck. Check all the crevices of the seats and the corners of the floor. You never know what lost earrings, keys, or toys you’ll find that you’ve been looking for. 

Junk Purposefully

Before you junk your car, prepare it for the salvage yard. Do not just have it towed away before you run a thorough check on it. 

As far as our first question goes, you do not need to drain the fluids from my junk car. In fact, you often do not want to drain them unless you have experience in disposing of toxic materials. 

Do you have a car that is ready for a salvage yard? Contact us today. We will bring you the best price for your old car, truck, or van. 

We specialize in purchasing cars at a fair price and even towing the vehicles away for free. We make junking a car simple. Give us a call and receive a free estimate today. 

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