Can You Junk a Car with Expired Registration in Kissimmee?

Can You Junk a Car with Expired Registration in Kissimmee

Can You Junk a Car with Expired Registration in Kissimmee?

Did you know that the average age for a car in the United States is 12.1 years? That means a lot of people have opted to keep their elderly vehicles and choose to continue maintaining them. 

Twelve years old isn’t too bad, but yours might be older. Maybe you’ve brought it into the garage so often that the mechanic depends on your regular visits to pay for his kid’s college tuition. Maybe parts of your car are held together with wire and duct tape and the last time you hit 40 mph your bumper fell off.

Under pressure from your spouse, you parked your beloved car in the backyard and forgot about it. Then, when you finally decide to do something about it, the registration is expired. Now you must find out if you can junk a car with an expired registration.

Here is what you can do.

How to Junk a Car in Kissimmee

The first thing you need to know is that, even if the car is in your own yard, you can still get into problems with the law for having a heap of rusting machinery sitting around.

Many local ordinances deal with leaking fluids into water tables. Your car might be leaking any number of toxic fluids such as gasoline, coolant, brake fluid, or oil. 

Hopefully, the reason you finally started looking into how to sell a junk vehicle wasn’t because the local law enforcement came knocking on your door.

Will That Expired Registration Be a Problem?

You need to know even if your car is in working condition, it is illegal to take it on the road with an expired registration.

Should you spend the money to renew the registration on your junk car? A salvage yard in Kissimmee may want that registration, but it’s probably not necessary to renew it. 

The reason for registration is to help the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state keep track of who owns a vehicle, where it’s located, title number, and VIN. It also shows that it still belongs to you.

While we do need to validate ownership of the vehicle before we purchase it, we do not require a current registration to purchase a vehicle. Often, people confuse the title of a vehicle with the registration for a vehicle. Registration simply means that you have verified with the DMV that your vehicle is legal to drive on the roadway, and that you have paid the necessary fees. A title shows ownership, and means that you actually own the vehicle in question.

On a side note, people seem to always forget to take off their license plate from the vehicles when they junk the, It is important you keep it and turn it in to the DMV or transfer it through the DMV to another vehicle. Failure to do so could result in a suspended license.

Once that is settled, there are other things you can do to prepare to junk your car.

Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

It may look like it’s a worthless pile of trash, but it’s not. Scrap metal has value even if it’s rusting and attached to a bunch of other components.

You probably have a catalytic converter in your car. Did you know that it contains rhodium, which is even more valuable than platinum? It is, in fact, the rarest of all the platinum group metals.

We’re telling you that because if you have a catalytic converter that contains rhodium in your car, that makes it more valuable. Do not remove it, that is illegal according to federal law and in some states. You need to be aware of its value to calculate it into your expected price.

You need a starting price to sell a car for cash. It’s time to call around to junkyards to get a quote on how much they’ll pay you for your car.

Check Kelley’s Blue Book for an estimate of the value of your make and model. You should be able to get a quote on the value of your car if it’s in running condition and if you have the original paper title.

Be careful, not all junkyards will commit to a price. They may quote you something like around $300 on the phone, but when they get to your house and hitch up your car to a tow truck they’ll give you $150.  Don’t do it. Tell them to unhitch your car immediately. Read on to find a better way.

Clean Out Your Car

We don’t mean cleaning the outside, we mean remove everything of value.

You should first make sure there are no personal effects in the car. Check your trunk and remove any blankets or lawn chairs you have stored away. Any trash, debris, or any other items that you keep in your car need for convenience need to be removed. Also, once again most people forget to remove the license plate. Make sure that you do so before junking your car

Look under the seats and collect all the spare change. Don’t forget to go through the glove box and console compartments. You might find that flashlight you thought you’d lost or those favorite earrings.

Be sure to remove any papers that might have sensitive personal information about you or your family.

Now for the valuable part of this process.

You may have tires that are in much better shape than the car. Maybe your rims are in good shape. Take them off and replace them with old balding ones on cheap rims and sell them separately.

Did you install an aftermarket stereo or Bluetooth unit? Take it out and sell it separately.

Is your car battery in good condition? It can also be removed before scrapping a car

Find All Your Car’s Paperwork

You already know your registration has expired.

Hopefully, now, you’re no longer paying insurance on this junk vehicle. You might still have insurance slips. 

All the other paperwork, such as maintenance records, bill of sale, etc., are not valid and they won’t need them.

Contact the salvage company you decided to go with to ensure you have all the paperwork they need.

Junk Your Car Today

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